Naturalistas guide to Punked

I’ve recently got Punked! and totally loved it. I’ve returned to my roots about 4 years ago and my hair journey has been quite interesting  as I did everything from a mohawk to cutting it all off. I’ve always experimented with colour and never really looked at the ingredients or did any research about whether certain chemicals are harmful to my hair until a few months ago. What happened a few months ago? you might wonder, well allow me to take you through my thought process: I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blonde or just go really light but heard horror stories about bleach/peroxide and have seen people losing their hair as a result of misinformation about products. I started doing research about bleach with natural ingredients with no luck…that was until I stumbled upon the Punked FB page and fell in love with all the vivid colours they had on display.

I’ve search through all the client pictures but couldn’t quite find someone with my hair type that used the product so I sent them a message to enquire about how safe their products are for natural hair. I was pleasantly surprised when they informed me that it’s plant based and chemical free, how amazing is that? Me, being me, decided not to just take their word for it but invest in the product and test it for myself. My package arrived in record time and I couldn’t wait to try it. Bear in mind I’ve never bleached my hair before so  I honestly just decided to wing it. What’s the worse that could happen, right? If my hair falls out, I’ll just cut it all off, been there before so no train smash. I watched a YouTube video by Jessie on how to bleach your hair using Punked and I felt fairly confident that I could do it. After applying the bleach I ran to the mirror every 5 minutes to check on the progress because the brassy feel of my hair really worried me (apparently it’s normal). After 30 minutes I rinsed it off and was firstly amazed to not see any hair in the basin, I honestly thought it would fall out in heaps, secondly my hair was silky soft and I’m not exaggerating guys, it really was and thirdly the colour was gorgeous! Obviously it was very yellow but I could fix that by using the steel toner (which you can use to go grey) to achieve my desired blonde. I knew then and there that I’ve fallen in love and won’t ever use box dyes again, regardless of how affordable it is.

Follow Punked on Facebook to stay updated with their amazing special offers because it will definitely save you a few bucks. Their products are used in salons across the country and you can enquire where your nearest one would be. In Johannesburg you will find it here and Cape Town here. They are very environmentally conscious and use the recycled newspapers that they get as packaging to protect your Punked goods instead of purchasing plastics and fancy scented paper to save a tree or 2. Newspapers are much more biodegradable than plastics and other purchased papers for that use.

Price list for your first order:

Large bleach and Vol 30 R130
Large steel R90
Large Mixer R75
Steel Shampoo R70
Steel Conditioner R70
Steel Spray R60
Steel Mask R55
Delivery R80
Total Then R630.00

PS. If your hair is short you can order the small mixer,steel and bleach and it will work out less ????

PPS: Do keep your eyes on their FB page as they often have amazing specials where you can can get the basics (excluding maintenance products) for R200-R300.

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