The Future of Social Media – A Wild Fantasy

Imagine for little bit that we are 10 years in the future. Social media has become so ingrained in our society that some one today wouldn’t even recognise it. Thoughts and feelings can be transferred much more easily as a chipping system gives us access to what others think. Private networks can be set up between chipped individuals and private conversations take place in a room full of people.

Verbal communication is akin to sending an email in today’s world. It’s only required for business purposes as a record of what has been agreed upon.

Humans express very little outward emotion as most of what they feel is expressed through an inner dialogue among each other. And at times this inner dialogue is far more colourful than one would have in real life as we can share how we feel and not just what we say. Society becomes silent as they walk through the streets and entire crowds of people gather without saying a word.

For most of us this is a frightening concept. It’s unnatural and bizarre, it’s unhuman of us not to communicate through speech.

But is it really? A good portion of how we communicate isn’t verbal. We communicate through body language and a complex pheromone system that may not be as advanced as animals, but it’s still there. So by removing speech we would probably become more aware of these forms of communication.

Additionally, think about when you get on a train, or go to the mall? Sure there is noise and people talk. But how often are you actually communicating with those around you? Not very often. Most of us slap on a pair of headphones and plug into our own little zones. We separate ourselves because it’s actually very hard to let people into our space. The effort it takes to reach out to someone while not knowing if you will even get along or that you have anything in common is often what separates us as people.

Now imagine that you could walk into mall or get on the train and join a network of people who like the same things as you. You could login like we do a WiFi network and search the conversations being had in that area. Conversations could be open to the public or they could be isolated. Like whispering in MMO’s.

This would also mean that you could be sitting in coach 1 while you had a conversation with someone in coach 4. If you got along you could decide to meet, if not then you didn’t have to go through the awkwardness of ending the conversation in person. It also makes it safer to communicate with people.

Communicating in this manner would also rid the world of a lot of miscommunication. Speech is a surface level type of communication between humans. It allows us to show people what we want or need and how we view certain things. But it becomes restrictive when one tries to express their emotions. How do I show someone what I’m feeling exactly?

Take a new couple for example. It’s too early for them to say they love each other. They don’t feel that strongly yet. But they do feel something towards each other, they could say they like each other. But people like many things, they like their friends, they like their pets. So it’s not really an accurate representation of how they feel for each other. Over our time as humans, we have discovered other ways to show our feelings. Holding hands, PDA, these are ways to show that affection. But again it’s a limited form of communication as those actions can be used to trick others and they are filtered through our own emotions and can be misinterpreted.

In my opinion, this would actually lead to less violence and abuse as one could show their oppressor the emotions they evoke and make them feel the pain the are causing. But that is an entirely new form of psychology that I am not going to touch on in this article! Remind me to touch on this later. Thanks hun.

So this internal form of “social media” would allow us to communicate beyond anything we have ever been able to express as human beings. Which is new, and new is always scary to us.

But if we live in fear of these kinds of things then we will never be able to experience the beauty in the world around us. We will never be able to see what others see in the world around them and through that we will always be separated from our fellow human.

Well guys, that’s my story today. If you guys like these random thoughts that run through my head, then let me know that you want more of this type of article in the comments section below. And I’ll try and find some new insane scenarios to write about.

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